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Girls Rock Birmingham presents a life-changing week-long program serving girls ages 9-16 in the Birmingham area. Through the course of the week, campers learn an instrument, form a band and write a song which they perform at a the Friday evening showcase. In addition, the girls participate in workshops centered around empowerment and creativity such as songwriting, image and identity, zine-making, screen printing, design, and more, all designed to cultivate self-esteem and healthy expression. We aim to offer the optimal environment for originality and self-expression while allowing the girls to showcase their own individuality and creativity. We strive to create a safe space wherein campers can power up their voices!


We are so happy to now offer MONTHLY GIVING! It’s easy to do. Whether you give $5 a month or $25 a month, your gift will sustain camp and allow us to affect girls in more communities, schools and areas where they may not have the opportunity to learn music or attend camp. In 2018, we would like to offer at least 20 full or partial scholarships for campers who otherwise couldn’t attend.Our incredible volunteer base has expanded, and we’ve been able to impact more areas of the Birmingham community. Most importantly, campers are developing self-esteem, courage and rock-star skills!

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