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Come rock with us!

​Have you ever wanted to try your hand at bass, guitar, keyboard, or drums? 

How about perfecting your singing voice?

Want to learn how to write your own lyrics and set them to music? 

Girls Rock instructors and workshop leaders help you explore your inner musician and learn something new! Once a month we host workshops at the Magic City Acceptance Center where you can try a new instrument, learn how to sing with more power and control, or learn how to write your own songs in a fun and supportive environment. ALL AGES are welcome at our workshops! Click the button below to register for our upcoming workshop!



Beginning Keyboard

Basics of Bass

Beginning Guitar

No experience necessary! In less than two hours, you’ll learn how to play popular chords/chord progressions found in lots of songs. You’ll even learn a little blues and some funk. Come rock with us!

Finding Your Voice:

Vocal Workshop

No experience necessary! In less than 2 hours, you’ll learn how to play cool bass runs found in lots of songs. You’ll even learn a little blues and some funk! Join us for an afternoon of learning and fun! 

No experience necessary! In this beginning guitar workshop you will learn some basic chords and strum patterns used in many popular songs. You'll leave feeling empowered to continue playing on your own! Bring your own guitar or use one of ours! 

Telling Your Truth In Song

Songwriting: Turning Words into Song

In this workshop, for singers of all experience levels, we will explore ways to reach your greatest potential in singing, led by a professional singer and vocal instructor with decades of experience in performing and teaching. The first half of the workshop will focus on healthy vocal technique in rock/pop singing and how to find your authentic voice. The second half of the workshop will be a masterclass-style session, where participants are invited to sing a portion of a favorite song and get personalized coaching and tips to help give their best performance. Bring out your inner superstar and come out for a fun and affirming afternoon of singing!

Songshare: Why Do We Like the Music We Like?

Have you ever wondered WHY you gravitate toward certain music and away from other songs? In this workshop we will explore the elements of music and our preferences for certain styles over others. We will each share a song that we LOVE to see if our own listener profiles match what we have chosen! You may even discover some new music to jam to!

Writing music is a powerful way to help us process emotions and connect with our deeper selves, but it can seem impossible to know where to start if you haven’t done it before! Even if you have no musical background there are tools available to help you write your own song. In this workshop you will learn some methods to help you access your inner songwriter and set your story to song! No experience required, but if you want to bring an instrument feel free!

How do you set words to music and make a song of your own creation? In our last workshop we focused on how to write lyrics--this workshop will be how to set your lyrics to music! You do NOT need to have attended the first songwriting workshop to attend this one. We will write a song as a group and you will leave with tools to craft a song on your own!

Finding Your Rhythm in Percussion

In this workshop we will explore what it takes to be a percussionist. From finding the beat to playing on a full drum set, you'll come away having found your own rhythm and feeling empowered to "bang on the drum all day!"

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